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Opportunities for all


MBTA aims to involve people from all walks of life and all ages in twinning activities, either here in Malvern through events organised by our Friends group and/or by setting up direct links with our friends, partner groups or businesses in Bagnères.



For young people the main connections will be through school links and we have arranged partners for two of our primary schools, Somers Park and Northleigh, and also, at Sixth Form level, for Malvern College. Initial contact has been made and we hope very much to build upon these early initiatives to create on-going links. At primary level, this will involve exchange of information, photos, SKYPE and blogging, whereas for the older students we are working towards school-to-school exchanges and the opportunity for young people to share in the daily life of their partners on a reciprocal visit.



Over this first year of our existence we have made contact, on behalf of interest groups in Malvern, with environmental groups, the Bridge club, two choirs and the Rugby club in Bagnères. Through the many associations and sporting clubs which thrive in Malvern we aim to enable people with particular interests, talents or hobbies to have contact with similar groups in Bagnères. This should provide opportunities for visits to have an additional focus and depth, as well as offering the general enjoyment which derives from exploring a new area of the country.


At present we are working towards re-enacting the England-France sector of the Six Nations Rugby Cup competition by organising a tour in Spring 2018 for some of the junior members of our local Rugby club. We see opportunities too for similar groups, e.g. Scouts or Guides to be involved in twinning plans.


Perhaps the most popular sport in Bagnères, as throughout France, is cycling and there is ample scope to be involved throughout the year, but particularly during the summer when numerous rallies, events and races are held. In 2016 a young Malvern family of cycle fanatics and an older enthusiast represented Malvern in the special Bagnères pre-Tour de France road race over some of the most unforgiving terrain imaginable! Mountain-biking comes into its own especially during the summer, when the slopes of Le Pic beckon for truly dare-devil rides. There is an open invitation for all the many talented cyclists of Malvern to be involved in any of these activities. You would be guaranteed a terrific welcome.




Bagnères is also a centre of some renown for tennis among young people; this too would seem a promising area for fruitful developments over the coming year or two.


Essentially, if there are groups out there (anything from boules to yoga) who would like to find a French partner, we would like to hear from you! We now have a good range of very willing contacts in France, who would love to help.



Twinning can offer much more than just recreational, cultural and educational enrichment; it can, and we hope will indeed offer opportunities for genuine business partnerships to develop. We are already exploring a potentially exciting area for business growth, building on local strengths in the two towns, which could benefit both Malvern and Bagnères. Other niche markets may exist out there, just waiting to be explored. Once again, if this is of interest to you or your business, please get in touch.


As MBTA continues to grow, we are considering how twinning could contribute to the tourist industry in our two towns. We feel that the profile of both could be raised by working with local agencies and perhaps B & Bs to promote the range of activities which might be accessible to the visitor over a wider geographical area, using the host town as a base. Any ideas for developing these thoughts would receive a very positive response from the committee.